Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poker Freerolls

One additional bonus that you get from signing up with the right affiliate for rakeback/kickbacks, is that often the affiliate will put on monthly freerolls provided you play enough hands to qualify.

I'm not talking about the freerolls that the individual poker rooms put on, as they often have less than $1,000 prize money for several thousand players giving you an equity of 50c at best but more often something like 5c.

The affiliate freerolls tend to have several thousand dollars in prize money, and generally a limited number of players. For example this month I qualified for the raketherake freeroll on Interpoker. It has a prize pool of $6,000 with approx 250 players max. Take out 50 or so that don't bother to turn up, and another 50 or so that are total muppets, and I'd have an equity of about $24. With any luck I could finish substantially higher than that though.

Now i'm a fairly average tourney player but normally cash in these without too much stress, although my attention span seems to wander after a couple hours. Nevertheless, its a good bit of additional value and is relatively stress free.

If interested feel free to use my RTR link on the right. They generally have some pretty decent bonuses on top of regular rakeback, and their freerolls are fairly regular.

Played about half an hour last night, and really struggled to find good tables, so often ended up playing a single orbit and quitting. It was reasonably productive though making about 10BBs on the $2/4 tables and about 5BBs on the $3/6. Nothing really of interest, with no big hands. Just a regular grind playing big hands preflop with a few cbets paying off.

Current bankroll: $14,150

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