Thursday, November 27, 2008

Handy little session

Started the day feeling crook so too the day off work. Thought i'd probably get in a bit of poker but had a massive headache so couldn't play for too long at a time. That being said, probably put in about two hours in total.

Turned out to be a reasonably profitable two hours, as I cleared my Interpoker sign up bonus for the remaining approx $200, and also received my monthly Bodog reload for $70.

Found a couple sweet $3/6 tables on Cake where I had position on at least one fish and on one table two fish. I'd made about 12BBs on each in one orbit, and then to my disappointment, both of the fish quit ... so I played all of two orbits before quitting. The $2/4 tables on Interpoker were also a little kinder to me than they have been in the past, and I would have made at least another 10BBs there by the time i'd cleared my bonus. It was a little problematic there though in that I couldn't seem to find any good tables or if I did, i'd have a horrible position, so was quitting after a single orbit and just waiting for better spots a lot of the time.

I guess patience really is the key for table selection, and I refuse to play where I have bad position these days. Its just not worth it.

The Bodog $1/2 tables were also running better than usual and I made about 30BBs in reasonably quick time. The fish didn't quite suck out as often, although did suffer a number of nasty beats from one guy who hit a 2 and 3 outer two hands in a row when I was holding the near nuts. He was then kind enough to cap the river against me holding nuts to give most of it back which was nice of him. (I had the A on a 4 flush board that wasn't paired ... although there was the potential for an unlikely straight flush).

Sometimes I am a muppet though - got an email from cake about a reload so tried to deposit. Got a message back saying that the code wasn't available yet. I guess they sent the email a little early .... Anyways, I again signed up later, and this time it went through, only i'd forgotten to change the deposit amount. So instead of a $100 reload bonus, I earned myself a princely reload bonus of $12.50. I blame the fact that my head was killin me which clouded my thinking ability ... (although probably it was just coz i'm an idiot). I hope they have a christmas reload as well and then I wouldn't have lost anything ....

Current bankroll: $14,600

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