Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Aussie online poker cash out options

Well, it looks like neteller has gone and given everyone a nice little kick up the arse.

Apparently the current prepaid card is no longer an option and has been replaced by "the net+ card" and "the net+ virtual card".

The foreign exchange fee has gone up from just under 2% to 2.95% .. which is basically a 50% fee increase from the prior card.

Then add to that the net+ card has a monthly dormancy fee of $3 if the card is not used in that month. WTF? At least the virtual card doesn't have that fee .. although how you withdraw from an ATM with a 'virtual' card has me a bit miffed. If anyone can explain it feel free to comment.

So where does that leave me .. well back to square one - i'll have to find another ewallet with lower fees, or find an alternative withdrawal option. I know with rakebackstat I can cashout my rakeback balance for a number of their rooms to an Aussie bank account at a 2.5% foreign exchange fee, so maybe i'll start cashing out monthly rather than $1k for every $2k my bankroll increases.

I will investigate some of the other ewallets as well I suppose. No huge rush as I have to get my bankroll to $16k before my next withdrawal is due anyways, and my current prepaid card is valid for another few months from memory.

The tables have treated me to a fairly smooth run in my past couple sessions. In about an hour and a half split over two sessions i made about 30BBs, predominantly on $2/4 as I still struggled to find loose tables worth playing on. In the first session I actually went down about 30BBs before chipping it back up to a positive 10BB session. The second session was more a gentle but consistent upswing after initially dropping only around 10BBs to end 20BBs up.

Interestingly .. or rather uninterestingly there were almost no hands of note. Generally when my big hands preflop such as AK-AJ/AA-JJ etc flopped top pair I just bet every street and got called down by one or two opponents showing second pair or worse or folding on the river. No huge suck outs for or against me. Hit one or two flush/straight draws and missed 3 or 4. I guess that's the way I like my sessions to go, although perhaps without the initial drop.

Current bankroll: $13,950


The blindman said...

Yeah, the new card stinks. The 3% currency fee isn't unusual though - my ANZ card has just increased to the same. Maybe a financial crisis effect?

I guess it's not too bad as long as you use it for purchases not cash, and use it regularly.

Do any of the other wallets have a card?

parttimebonuschaser said...

good question .. i'll have to poke around over the next month or two. will probably happen at the same speed as my sql conversion ... which still isn't done ....

TiocfaidhArLa said...

My withdrawals to date have just been Bank Drafts from websites. It takes a week or two to arrive but I'm not aware of any excessive fees and I have a Scottish bookkeeper.