Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sometimes I can't add up

I was just getting ready to fire off an email to Bodog as to why I hadn't received my monthly reload bonus, and was grabbing screenshots etc of transactions to prove I was eligible, and that it should have come through by now. I was about to hit send when I thought to myself, hang on, their reload bonus pays out every 30 days. My last reload was 21 February. Therefore at 21 March, that is only 28 days since 21 February, and not 30, so my bonus is not even due. Luckily I didnt' send it, although at least it was going to be a polite email. Sending abuse to someone who is giving you bonus money is never a good strategy, and i'd advise against it.

Put in a few solid sessions over the weekend, which started better than they finished. Down early about 20BBs on a $1/2 table, but at the same time up 40BBs on a $2/4 table had me looking pretty good and the bankroll almost back up to an all time high. After that I had several break even sessions, so that should at least generate some rakeback

However, the last session of the weekend went poorly from hand one, with AA cracked by 83o and saw me drop back about $100 for the session.

I also played in the Cake freeroll, and busted out relatively early when my AKs ran into 96o on a 6 high flop which gave me the flush draw and two over cards. I check/raised all in and the 96 guy called me. No help on the turn and river and I'm out. Would have been good to double up there as it would have given me a decent chance in the tourney.

Current bankroll: $24,550
March time played: 19h
March hands played: 3,878
March profit / (loss): $1,050

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