Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cake continues to run well

It appears that for me, the Cake glitches have ceased (touch wood). Since my last dummy spit with them, and a software update or two, it has been running without fault. It's also meant that whilst i've been dropping a few BBs on party (I am going to need to deposit), i've been more than offsetting that with another decent run on Cake. (I am going to need to withdraw).

In almost an hour last night I made a few BBs here and there. Flipped through a lot of tables trying to find the fish but it was a bit of a struggle. I ended up on one table with a tag on my right, and two huge fish on his right. I suspect that is still a profitable position, but not ideal, so as soon as one of the fish ran out of cash I quit that table. After that the tables gradually tightened up further, until it was no longer worth playing any of them. Its a real pain that when I get home from work here, it is perfectly off peak time for poker and there are the least possible tables running.

Current bankroll: $24,650
March time played: 21.1h
March hands played: 4,440
March profit / (loss): $1,150

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