Monday, March 15, 2010

In front for 2010

Well, it has taken a while but finally i'm back in front again for 2010. Hopefully it can stay that way. I should really check my overall stats, as i'd still be way down in terms of BB/100 - most likely still over 400BBs down, but thanks to rakeback and bonuses my bankroll is headed in the right direction.

Only played a small session last night, where I won a few $, but also received a couple rakeback credits from the last few weeks, which has boosted the bankroll slightly.

This week is looking like it will be pretty light on for volume again, although I may find a few hours on the weekend with any luck.

Current bankroll: $24,250
March time played: 14.5h
March hands played: 2,786
March profit / (loss): $750

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