Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clearing strategy for the month

Could not find tables worth playing on last night and ended up playing about 20 hands in total. Hit a couple nice flops though and made about 10BBs so can't really complain.

I've got about $20 of my Fulltilt bonus to clear, and about $270 remaining of my Cake bonus. Fulltilt expires around the 25th, so there's no real rush to clear that as it won't take long. Cake expires in a little under 3 months, so no pressure to clear that either.

However, to maximise my bonuses and table selection, I will start opening Cake first and try to find fishy tables there before opening Fulltilt. That way I can stretch out my Fulltilt bonus for as long as possible whilst still clearing away on cake. Not really rocket science, but I figure that will give me the best use of my time.

Not sure how much play i'll get in this weekend - there's a fair chance of not much, although the weather is looking pretty crappy so you never know.

Current bankroll: $23,600
March time played: 4.8h
March hands played: 1,080
March profit / (loss): $100

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