Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fulltilt bonus complete

Finished my Fulltilt bonus last night, so will be back to Cake, bodog, pacific etc for a while until I get a new bonus. Also withdrew a chunk of my bankroll from Fulltilt as there's no point in leaving that much there where i'm only going to play a limited amount. Left enough to have a table or two running though, just in case.

I also ran into a several huge muppets last night on Cake, who were killing me early and put me down 40BBs at $3/6 in quick time - 84o > AA etc etc. I slowly recovered most of it, and bonuses put me almost back to even for the session. I probably would have stayed longer but the muppet sitting on my direct right on one table disappeared, so the table was not worth continuing at and I quit at the next big blind.

Left my PC doing database mainentenance so won't have my stats until tomorrow in terms of hours and hands played.

Current bankroll: $24,000
March time played: 13.5h
March hands played: 2,607
March profit / (loss): $500

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