Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quiet weekend

Baby stuff (natal class) and family stuff took up almost the whole weekend, and with the AFL starting this week, poker really took a back seat.

Several short sessions saw me up $50, down $200, and finishing about where I started with the main area of pain being AA, which lost 3 times out of 3. Several very large pots went down when I lost my TPTK to sets, and the one time I flop a set, villain hits a runner, runner gutshot straight. argh. Coming out even was a bit of a relief in the end though, compared to where I was at one stage. At least I was able to find several fishy tables to play on.

Current bankroll: $24,700
March time played: 24.6h
March hands played: 5,322
March profit / (loss): $1,200

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