Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Poker v Life

Where does poker rank in terms of your priorities?

For me, although I still enjoy it a lot, I don't think it ranks all that highly in the scheme of things. Perhaps in front of watching TV if its not a show i'm highly interested in, but behind a lot of other stuff. Online poker in particular tends to be quite isolating, so I generally only try to play when my wife is off doing something of her own.

It has also been pretty warm here the last few days, so the choice when I get home from work is to either a) fire up poker while the missus is exercising or doing her own thing, or b) jump in the pool. With the warm weather coming to an end fairly soon, option b) has tended to win lately, so relatively little poker has been played.

That being said, I still got in half an hour last night and went on a super hot run, gaining about 70BBs across four tables. A fair chunk of it was only at $1/2 as I couldn't find many loose tables at higher stakes, but nonetheless it was good to see flops hitting me hard left and right. Add to that some super aggro fish who were more than happy to 3 bet preflop with 72o and then bet every street, so calling down with any pair was also profitable.

My favourite hand was when I had QJo in MP and raised and got three bet by the big blind. Flop of AKTr was superb, followed by a 9 turn, where the betting got capped. River was an ugly Q so I figured I was now splitting the pot, but I got called down By A6o (the guy who 3 bet preflop) and KTo. Nice.

Current bankroll: $24,500
March time played: 15h
March hands played: 2,941
March profit / (loss): $1,000

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