Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Equal to an all time peak

This month continues to run well, with my bankroll getting back to equal an all time high for me, which I last hit early January. Bit of a relief really, as the confidence had been given a fair shake at the bottom point of my downswing.

Interestingly with this month running quite well i've been unable to find any decent $4/8 tables, and only one very short $5/10 session towards the start of the month. Maybe I am more successful at the lower limits? ... will have to check my stats later on, although I know $3/6 has been my sweet spot for a while without even looking.

Current bankroll: $24,700
March time played: 22.4h
March hands played: 4,489
March profit / (loss): $1,200


The blindman said...

Cake 3/6 is pretty darn fishy. But I'd expect you to be a winning player up to at least 5/10, and probably even 10/20 with your nitty table selection.

For me, almost any 3/6 or 5/10 table on Cake is good enough, even though I'm now experiencing a severe downswing similar in magnitude to yours or larger.

parttimebonuschaser said...

yeah, problem is also every time that I play on cake, there's lucky to be a $5/10 table even running, let alone a fishy one to find.

then again, i'm opening about 5 different sites in the off peak times just to find a couple half decent tables to play on.

maybe i should start getting up early and playing in the morning instead