Monday, March 22, 2010

Party bonus

Logged into my Party account the other night to play a few hands to ensure my account doesn't go inactive, and saw that I had a $50 bonus which clears at 5 points per $. This is a 40% rakeback equivalent, so not too bad, and i'll probably clear it when I can't find tables running on my other sites.

That being said, I started poorly, running my flopped set of Ts on a 4 way capped preflop pot, into an open ender which completed on the turn to see me drop quite a few BBs. I only had a couple hundred on Party, so I may need to make a deposit just to clear a $50 bonus. Annoying.

Got my rakeback credit from Bodog, and won a few BBs there to make up for my Party losses. Again I was actually up a couple hundred before dropping back towards the end of my session. No real reason for it, just whiffed several flops in succession across several tables which inevitably puts a bit of a dent in the session results.

Current bankroll: $24,600
March time played: 20.2h
March hands played: 4,158
March profit / (loss): $1,100

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