Sunday, March 14, 2010

FT freeroll

Played in my affiliate FT freeroll and had the chance to do well, even though I had to get ready for work at the same time, and potentially cut my tourney short when I had to leave for work. However, it didn't get that far.

I had a superhot start, receiving premium cards regularly, doubling up early with a flopped set, followed up fairly closely with the muppet on my right doubling me again, when after starting extremely tight, he decided to go all in every hand. He doubled about three times in a row with trash but his 64o was no match for my AQo where we both whiffed the whole board.

After that, card dead for an hour or more, and held my stack through blind stealing alone, and one resteal for a substantial amount. The bubble came and went with me sitting on a slighly above average stack. Finally I received a hand - AKo with a short stack min raising in front so I just pushed in and got called by 66. No help for me and i'm now a little under an average stack. Very next hand QQ, and I raise 3xBB and get three bet by the button. I shove, and he insta calls with AKo. Flop JT7r, turn 3, river Q and i'm out for not much more than a min cash.

I actually quite enjoyed the tourney though, I think mainly as its a bit of a change up from cash games, and that's all i've been playing lately. Annoyingly it looks like my tourney's are starting at 5.30am my time now .. and will only get worse when daylight savings ends. That's when it is much easier to just stay in bed ....

Didn't have much time for cash games over the weekend, and only really played a few hands whilst playing my tournament. I ended up doing a few other things at the same time so the cash games got the chop early after only 50 hands or so.

Current bankroll: $24,100
March time played: 14h
March hands played: 2,659
March profit / (loss): $600

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