Monday, March 8, 2010

Solid long weekend sessions

I played a little more poker than I thought I would over the weekend, and it generally ran successfully with several poor tables at the lower limits being more than offset by a super hot run on the $3/6 tables.

I ended up having a lot of smallish sessions which resulted in 10 - 20BB gains mainly from a number of fish who decided not to suck out on me. In fact it was almost the opposite, with me hitting hands quite regularly, and even when I whiffed my flush draw in one hand when I held Ad2d and flopped the draw, runner, runner 2s still won me the hand.

I was also successfuly against some real aggro muppets, who were seeing approximately 70% of flops and betting out on most streets consistently. It was worthwhile calling down with almost any pair, as several times I saw them bet every street and flip over something like 53o or 62o on the river after a flop of AKTr.

I've almost finished my Fulltilt bonus, so I'll need to wait for another bonus there before returning in a hurry. Although if I cant find any other sites worth playing I may play there some just for the rakeback if tables are super fishy. The Cake bonus on the other hand, is clearing extremely slowly, so I'm guessing its going to take me the next couple months and more to clear it all. It may even expire not completely cleared, but that's not a problem as it's paid out in $10 chunks.

Current bankroll: $24,050
March time played: 11h
March hands played: 2,130
March profit / (loss): $550

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