Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Variance can be fairly annoying when its running against you to say the least. I think that right after my last post, I managed to quickly drop 60 big bets on an extremely fishy table. Nothing possibly went right, and out of the first 100 hands I had won 3. I was 3 tabling at the time and 2 were big losers, and the other was up 25BBs. At worst I think I managed to be down about $240, which is fairly large at my current stakes.

I am of course assuming that I am a winning player in the long run, and that losing is not the norm! I'm reasonably confident though that it was just a small blip where I just could not hit a draw, and my opponents managed to hit every single draw. (I even managed to lose with my KK to 42o) Anyways it wasn't a good day.

However, last weekend was the freeroll weekend for one of my rakeback providers - Thisisthenuts - feel free to ask me for a referral code :)

I entered in the Cake and Full Tilt free rolls, and managed to cash in both for about $200. I was a little disappointed with my performance in Fulltilt, as I had an average stack but went out making a poor bluff before getting higher in the money. I think the excitement of making the money kinda put me off my game a little and i lost concentration. Oh well, I will remember the experience for next time and hopefully improve.

With respect to the double up SNGs, i've also had a bit of a poor run. I've been getting my money in relatively well, but have had a few nasty suck outs. I'm running about even over the last 10 or so, where i've managed to win a few of the larger ones (being 10 pounds for me at the moment so still only small!) whilst losing a bunch of smaller ones.

The cash games also improved slightly over the last few days, so i'm actually up since my last post. I played a fair bit of 1/2 and 2/4. Did my first little dabble into 3/6 where I saw what I thought was a loose table. I was right, however, got 2 outered on the river twice and ended up losing a little on the table, however, only played there for half an hour or so.

Current bankroll: $4,800

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