Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Had to happen sooner or later

Had a relatively large downswing within the space of an hour. Well I hope its just a downswing and i'm normally a winning player ..... I guess it was typical of my recent nasty sessions, however, this one did not recover very far at all.

It seemed every hand went against me, where I was playing against a maniac second on my right, and an okay LAG on my right, who thought it was okay to steal with 84o.

Unfortunately every hand I played against those two i managed to miss, whilst the other 2 fish at the table were calling down with King high and beating those two muppets.

All in all I had dropped 100BBs at one stage and recoverd slightly to end 70BBs down when I quit. I may have tilted slightly, but actually didn't play too badly - my VPIP was around 35, and given it was 5max and occasionally 4 or 3 handed that seemed reasonable. I probably did chase a few too many hands to the river though, as my WSD was 44% with a W$SD of 25% (OUCH). I played back pretty hard at the guy steal raising, however, nothing at all hit for me. His 84o paired the 8, and he called down my raises after I reraised preflop with A9 and completely missed the flop although did have a gutshot after the turn as well as my overs. The sad thing was then seeing these guys lose it to the the fish when they were also playing with trash.

Maniac with 85/60/2 was also destroying me. With his 92s hitting the flush on the river to beat my KK, along with many other similar hands where I was a huge favourite, until getting rivered. Missed my flush draw every time which was disappointing, including 2 nut flush draws in 25BB pots. Even one of them hitting would have made a big difference. J9 called my raise cold from the button when i had raised AJ UTG .. only to see J9x flop and me unable to get away from it. Admitedly when I reraised the flop he shut down and checked the turn so it did save me half a bet in the end.

Luckily I actually hit some hands towards the end which didn't get sucked out on to recover a few BBs. The only other good thing was that since there were no 2/4 tables running at ongame, my losses were all on 1/2, so I ended up around $140 down for the session rather than $280.

I guess I was probably overdue for a nasty session, and i'm also a lot closer to clearing my bonus. Only 130 points to go, which will give me $250 tonight. problem is my roll on that particular site is now only around $160 - so i may need to deposit again just to clear it (but hopefully not).

Will have to seek out some new bonuses / sites to play at next month too, although I do now have $100 to clear at cake via the reload bonus.

Current bankroll: $5,070

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sttrow said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog mate, I've linked you up (nice blog!!)

My Bankroll and Bankroll Management is vastly improved, although I guess there is still room for improvement!!

I'm keeping my Bankroll at enough to play NL20. Basically I am making some fundamental changes to my game at the moment, so until I am for every $100 that I make, $50 is being withdrawn to Neteller and $50 stays in the account.

In a 2-3 months time I want to be regularly profiting from NL20 with my new style and I will then let my roll get up to NL50 levels and take it from there. Discipline is the way forward.

I see (like myself), you are a bonus chaser - I do not understand why more people do not do this.

Check out my latest post I'm offering Rakeback and Bonuses & I'll give you a slice of the commission I get - which means a higher Rakeback % than RakeTheRake etc ;-)