Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good start to March

Well a good start as in a big win rate, but only over a few hours. I think i've played maybe 3 hours maximum for March so far, however, I have managed to make a couple hundred running quite hot, whilst still suffering from a few bad beats.

I've been stuck playing a bit of 1/2 and have had a few software problems with Cake .... i know i know, they dont have the best software reputation, but the tables can be very very soft (and the bonus and rakeback are great!!)

Played about 6 double up SNGs and managed to actually lose the first 2 which ruined a huge streak of about 8 wins in a row. Won the last 4 though, so the SnGs, although slow are going quite well. Especially considering I dont really pay attention when playing them as I usually have 2 or 3 cash games on at the same time. Basic extremely tight early play seems to work quite well at the $5 - $20 level.

Current bankroll: $4,600


The Busted Man said...
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The Busted Man said...

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