Sunday, March 16, 2008

slowly slowly

I meant to post on friday where I had managed to drop a quick 35BB, which had put me back down into the 4.6ks, but didnt have time in the end. It was a pretty typical losing session - every flush draw I missed. Every flush draw for someone else managed to hit, even runner runner more than once!!! Even the fishy players were killing me!

Didnt play much on the weekend. Ended up installing oblivion and playing a bit of that instead - oh well.

However, in the time that I did play I managed to find a super fish, with stats something like 85,0,0.4 ... I took up my position to his left, and after a couple nasty beats, proceeded to keep playing until his initial stack of $100 ran out. Admittedly I didnt take it all but got more than my fair share in that position.

I had another table going at the same time where I had a similar fish sitting on my right, however, he was more like 65,20,.75 ... and he also managed to donate a decent chunk of change to me.

So just when i was thinking it was going to take me a while to make back my 35BBs, I ended up getting it all back in maybe an hour. I've got to make sure that i maintain my discipline for seat and table selection, as it does make a HUGE difference.

In my last session I had a nice aggro fish, who managed to suck out a 2 pair showing 94o when his 4 hit the river versus my top pair top kicker. Very next hand I am in the CO with KQs and reraise pre flop with the same fish being the only caller from the BB. Flop is J82 with 2 of my suit. Happy days, when its checked to me so I reraise, and he calls. Turn is a K, so I figure i'm probably ahead now, and have a flush draw to boot. Surprisingly he bets into me, and after thinking for about a split second, I decide to reraise. He reraises back ... surely he doesnt have 3 of a kind? Maybe QT? maybe AK but he woulda reraised pre flop surely? Maybe a flush draw too? I end up calling that bet and hit my flush on the river. He checked so I raised, he called and flipped over K3o for a pair of kings. So in the end, I was in front all the way. Ship it :) ... i wonder if i shoulda capped the turn?

Bankroll: $4830

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