Sunday, March 30, 2008

A nice hand

Actually played a bit of poker on the weekend, so maybe did about 3 hours. The highlight would have been the following hand on Cake:

QJo in BB, with one raiser on the button and one caller. Flop of AsQsTs, which actually did match my Js. SB bets ... kinda weird, but okay, so I call, and Button calls. Turn Ks .. kaching - that's my second royal flush ever. Now, how on earth am I going to get the most out of this I ask myself. SB again bets out - so do I just call hoping to keep button in or reraise? At this point I decided to just call, and thankfully so did the button. River is 9s! SB checks the river, so I bet, and gain two callers, and take down a bit over a 10BB pot. I can't see how I could have extracted any more than that, but feel free to give your opinion. Not my biggest win ever, but its always cool to see that royal flush :)

I ended up signing up on Pokerroom through PSO. (and bubbled their weekly freeroll final which was annoying. My JJ didnt hold up v AQ). However, as far as the bonus goes - with my deposit of $150, I need to get 400 MPPs to clear a $150 PSO bonus, and then another 80 points after that to clear another $60 direct from the room. No rakeback deal is better than that, so I figure its worth my time.

I did play a bit on the weekend, and have knocked off about 120 points so far from that bonus, and my cake rackback for the month has finally hit $100. Actually ran fairly hot on pokerroom(found plenty of fish to sit to the left of), which always seems the way for ongame for me . At the beginning of each bonus I blitz the tables, then give it back just as I clear the last $50. Hopefully this won't be a repeat performance with all the fish on there!

Current bankroll: $5,600

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