Thursday, March 27, 2008

The fishiest table I have played on

Found a fantastic $2/$4 limit table last night. All 4 opponents had a VPIP over 65%, and 3 had a PFR % of less than 10. Two were relatively aggressive post flop which was the only small downer of the table.

The only problem was, I was getting beaten reasonably badly. One of the fish with 65/35/2.5 somehow managed to have a 55% WTSD and a 65% W$SD. With those ridiculously high winning stats, you'd think he would have a huge win rate, however, it was something like 4BB/100. He had a bad habit of bluffing super dangerous boards with nothing. However, every time I did make a decent hand, he seemed to have me beaten, so he wasn't giving it to me.

I actually played the whole session quite well, and I dont think I had even a hint of tilt. I was receiving reasonable starting hands, however, every time I had KK or QQ and A would flop and inevitably one of the 3 callers would have an A, and i'd either end up losing the showdown, or having to fold a premium hand. After losing about 20BBs I finally left the table about 13BBs down. It did mean that I cleared my Chan bonus of $250 relatively easily though, as every single hand would have been raked.

I also fired up Cake at the same time, and found a table with one of the biggest maniacs i've ever seen. He was raising pre and every street, and wasnt afraid to reraise with 52o pre flop and also chuck in a river bluff with the same hand. I played him fairly simply. Isolated where I had a half decent hand. Called down if I had even the slightest piece of the board - even K high. He kindly donated me about 30BBs in the space of 20 mins, where I managed to score 3 premium hands in a row AJ or better. He did manage to win a few small pots off me, but paid me quite a few larger one's where I would wait for the turn to reraise and he would at worst call me down, or even bluff into the river which I would pick off.

Just working out my next site for bonuses. I think it will probably be Pokerroom through PSO, for the $150 for only 400 points.

Current bankroll: $5380

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