Wednesday, March 5, 2008

February summary

Well, February turned out to be a very good month for me. I think only December has been better, since I had a relatively poor January with one huge downswing. It was still profitable though but only through bonuses.

For the end of the month my bankroll made it to $4,350 which was a gain of $1,350 for the month. That was made up of:

Bonuses: $360
  1. William Hill: $50 for 5 hours play bonus
  2. Fulltilt: $75 bonus
  3. Sun: $150 reload bonus
  4. Cake: $70 bonus
  5. Party: $15 reload bonus
Rakeback: $160
  1. Fulltilt $40
  2. Sun $70
  3. Cake $40
  4. William Hill $10
Poker winnings / (losses): $830

Overall moving up to playing a reasonable amount of 2/4 (although I still play a fair bit of 1/2) has allowed me to increase the amount of bonuses I am clearing, increase the amount of rakeback I am receiving, and since i'm also very careful on table selection at 2/4 i've actually been a winner on the tables as well so far.

Still nowhere near enough hands to tell if I am a long term winner at 2/4, but I will continue to play there when I see a looseish table (which is relatively often!).

For March the goals in order of priority are:
  1. Clear as much of my Cake bonus as possible before it expires on March 12! (I think i still have about $240 to go ... i cant believe i didnt clear it earlier, but had suffered a few nasty sessions there which had put me off ... along with the fact that you cant use pokertracker on cake!
  2. Hopefully clear the Chan bonus of $250, although that doesnt expire for another week or 2 into April
  3. Play my 5 hours on William Hill for the $50 bonus
  4. Clear some of the Sun bonus - maybe $50 or $100 (through double up SnGs mainly)
  5. Clear 500 points on fulltilt to qualify for the freeroll (and hopefully place in it!!)

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