Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spinning my wheels

Had a bit under an hour session, to knock off my 500 points at FTP for the month, as well as get a bit closer to completing my Chan bonus. I think I have a bit under 250 points to go to clear it now, which shouldn't take too long.

On the play side, I managed to see some very nasty suck outs hit against me early on, with a river 3 or 4 outer seeming to hit every time I actually got to the river. I managed to lose consistently with AK, AQ versus A6, A8 and with one hand hitting me two pair but my opponent hitting a runner runner straight. Oh well, down a quick 25BBs. However, in the very last orbit on a couple tables, my JJ held up for the first time after losing twice, my AK held up, and my 77 flopping trips also managed to hold up, to recover my entire 25BBs.

So my balance is still the same, although I would have accrued some more rakeback, as well as getting a bit closer to releasing that bonus.

Current Bankroll: 5,200

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Godders said...

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