Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Almost spoke too soon ....

Had another quick 45 min session yesterday which included one double up SNG, one fulltilt 2/4 table and a couple chan poker tables.

The double up went quite smoothly, so nothin really to say there. I had top pair, top kicker and another player decided to put in a small bet on each street, and then he showed down bottom pair. Not exactly sure what he was thinking. Anyways that gave me a significant stack and with a few blind steals I ended up just basically folding for the win.

My fulltilt table was interesting. There were 2 players who were either maniacs or borderline. One was 80/40/4 and the other 60/30/8. I proceeded to get hammered a bit by these guys, particularly when I lost out with QQ v T5, and AKs v A7. A nasty gutshot didn't help either. At one stage i was down a good 20BB. I was getting a little annoyed, as i wasn't receiving any starting hands, and the other players were taking cash from the maniacs like candy from a baby. I think my VPIP was something like 12!! Fortunately though in my last round at the table before I was going to quit a hand went something like this -

I received A4o in the BB. Called by UTG, Raise by MP, Call by CO, Call by Button. So I figured with that many bets out there i may as well call for 1SB. Unfortunately then UTG decides to raise, and its called around to me, so I figure for 1SB i may as well see the flop, since the pot is now quite large relatively speaking. The flop is all clubs, which seems to quite nicely match my Ac. I check, which is promptly raised by UTG, called by MP and then raised all in by CO. Button then raises again, and there's no way i'm folding here so i call a couple cold. UTG then decides to fold ... The turn is a sweet club, and although i guess there was a chance of a nasty straight flush, i'm pretty happy at this stage, so i check and when its raised to me I reraise it up. The other guys call my raise. I raise the river straight out, and one player had 9c and button had 67c. 20BBs - ship it, and i've broken even on the table

Ongame however, didnt go so well, even though I had a super fish or two sitting on my right (70,0,.35) every time I had a hand, my fishy mate had at least 2 pair of something I completely didnt expect. It kind of evened out in the end, when one kinda aggressive player decided to steal my BB from the SB when I held A8, and the flop came down A8X. I called his flop bet, and check raised his turn bet. His fold on the river gave me an okay pot, but I did finish down a few BBs. I did accrue about $10 in Chan bonus though, and i'm sure a good $5 or $10 from fulltilt since almost every pot would have been raked. Will wait and see for that though, and I still havent included chan in my bankroll, even though i've now accrued about $140.

Current bankroll: $5,010

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