Monday, March 24, 2008

A grinder?

Having looked at my weekend's efforts, I don't think I can really claim to be a grinder. I played maybe all of 3 hours in the last 4 days, which was a long weekend with two public holidays. I managed to play maybe 3 SNGs and the rest cash games.

The SNGs didn't go well, and I only doubled in one out of the 3. One was my own fault, where I accidently min raised towards the end instead of pushing all in, and unfortunately got called by a muppet who hit on the river to beat my pair of 6s. Oh well.

The cash games started badly again, with me managing to pick up KK v AA, even picking up a K on the turn and losing to an A on the river, followed slightly later with AQ v AA with a Q high flop. Managed to run into AA with JJ, and that really was the story of about 45 mins.

The fishiness of the tables then dried up, and I spotted a 3/6 table that was showing a VPIP of around 83%, so now was as good as any time to take a shot. Upon sitting down there were a couple of rounds before the BB got to me, so I figured I could watch for those to see what was happening. To my surprise it was folded all the way round twice .... huh .... how is that 83%??? Anyways, there was actually a fish on the table who I had good position on, and managed to win an okay pot with AK and a K high flop. The table then broke up after about 2 orbits, with me about 10 BBs up, but overall down $100 for the session. I guess it coulda been a lot worse...

My next session a couple days later for an hour or 2 went significantly better. The fish were paying me off quite well, including a guy calling down one hand with Q5o for Q high .. go figure. One amusing hand that I got blasted for was quite interesting. I was in the big blind staring at a fabulous 74o figure there was another big blind down the drain. 4 callers and I was able to check to see a flop of 356r ... sweet. One raise and a few callers so I then reraise and everyone calls still. Turn is an 8 .. sweet again. My bet causes a couple folds but one guy decides to reraise, which i then reraise. River is a 9, which is a little annoying, giving anyone with a 7 a split pot with me. I still bet and get called, by some guy who then goes ballistic at me for being a donkey, as he had KK. I thought it a little odd to be called a donkey when I had flopped the nuts for free from the big blind. Oh well. I guess I coulda stirred him up a bit, but just ignored it, as the table was donating me money fairly quickly.

Party poker also had a reload bonus and some easter promotion of free $ and freeroll entries just for getting more than 10 party points. I shoulda read the terms a bit more closely as you had to get 100 points in a day to get any bonus cash, and I was only scoring 10 for the freeroll entry that I wasn't even using. At least I cleared my $7.50 bonus in less than an hour of play i guess... and made a hundred bucks or so in the process.

Finished my William Hill 5 hours for the week bonus as well, and I think I have about 30 more fulltilt points to clear to get my freeroll entry there. That only really leaves chan poker where I need another 370 points to clear $250.

Cake had an easter reload as well, so I deposited $400 there to give me $100 in bonus that I will need to clear over the next few months.

If everything goes to plan I should clear Chan by the end of the month for a handy little boost to the bankroll :)

Current bankroll: $5200

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