Sunday, May 2, 2010

A few small sessions

Didn't get to play much over the weekend, and when I did it was only in short bursts. Each session less than half an hour with the following results

+$50 (solid grind - never really up or down)
-$150 (mainly crucified on a $2/4 table for 40BBs by at 80/60 guy and a 50/4 guy)
+$100 (very brief session of only a few orbits, but hit several hands at a $3/6 table which had tightened up)
+$50 (half an hour of struggle before winning several showdowns on my last orbit)

All in all, up $50 plus some rakeback, so can't complain too much, particularly after some of the beats I'd had on the $2/4 table in that nasty little session.

On the plus side my Purple Lounge challenge balance has moved up to $400 thanks to a solid final E1/2 session which was the bulk of my last profit.

Still playing some Need for Speed on the Wii, so that will keep me out of trouble for a little longer.

Current bankroll: $25,850
May time played: 1.75h
May hands played: 405
May profit / (loss): $50


5 oh Two Challenge said...

You play on Cake also ?
Do you know of a site that ranks the tourny's for cake ?
FT and Stars have OPR and others.
Cant seem to find one that has cake.

Love the blog

parttimebonuschaser said...

i play on cake most days ...

since cake doesnt allow a hud or tracking for cash games, I doubt they'd allow it for tournaments either, which is probably why you can't find it