Sunday, May 16, 2010

Limited play

Still have this stupid cold, so my play has been limited somewhat as the headache makes it difficult to concentrate.

I found one huge muppet on a $8/16 table though, but I had to leave after a couple orbits when he still had about $50 or so left out of $400, so I guess I didn't miss out on too much. He donated me a quick $100 when he raised preflop with 62s, and I 3 bet with 99 from the big blind. He check / called my flop bet on a pretty ugly flop for me of QJ7r. Not sure how he called that flop for that matter, since it didn't hit his draw and his hand really sucked. I checked the turn, and he bet the river 6, which I called, obviously beating his fairly crap pair. He called down another hand when he held nothing, where I held slightly more than nothing, and I think that was the only other hand I played in the two orbits.

Played a few other tables at the same time, but no real hands of significance. I found it a little tough to find tables over the weekend that were worth playing on. Maybe people are out in the warmer weather in the northern hemisphere instead of sitting inside playin online poker.

Current bankroll: $26,750
May time played: 12.6h
May hands played: 3,397
May profit / (loss): $950

1 comment:

Benben said...

Gotta love idiots. Don't normally find them on the $8/16 table, so well played for spotting it, and taking his money!