Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Purple Lounge challenge update

I set myself a challenge back on 28 April to build my Purple Lounge balance up from $300 to a more playable roll. I had quickly boosted that up to $400ish and since then had another super hot session at $1/2 before running super cold again to end up with a balance around $450. Add a little rakeback at the end of the month and my little self challenge is going fairly well.

Played a little last night, and ran reasonably well again on a mixture of $3/6, $2/4 and $1/2. I think I lost a little at the $1/2 level, but that was more than made up for on the slighly bigger tables.

One single hand at $2/4 made a significant difference when a 45/35 guy raised from the cutoff, and I figured I probably have equity to isolate on the button with QTs. Problem was both blinds decided to come along for the ride and my 3 bet was suddenly not looking so good. Flop was the hail Mary J98r, and somehow the flop got capped four ways. Turn was an Ace, which was a great card for me, given it also gave me a flush draw, and the turn also allowed me to three bet four ways. River was a T which kinda sucked, as there was now a chance I was splitting the pot. The cutoff checked, I bet, and both blinds folded. The cutoff then raised so I three bet as there was no way I was giving him credit for KQ although we could have been splitting if he had a Q. He called and flipped over 87o for the bottom end of the straight, so I scooped the whole pot. Not sure what he was doing with his capping of the flop ....

Current bankroll: $27,200
May time played: 18h
May hands played: 4,719
May profit / (loss): $1,400

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donnie said...

nice roll on your on mate. nice solid month so far. rising to the challenge.