Thursday, May 6, 2010

First hand of the session

Now that i'm awake for my first hand, last night I received 99 off the bat. Two limpers and one raiser, so I reraise, and get the two callers. Flop is 963r - kaching. I bet and the raiser again raises, who I know is a super aggro muppet running at 70/40 and yet goes to showdown 50% of the time. Obviously he's just leaking chips constantly.

The other guys fold and aggro man caps my raise. Turn is a 3 to pair the board, and gives me top full house. Turn gets capped, and i'm starting to get concerned about 33. He raises my river bet when the river actually hits a flush draw, and I have a look at his stats again, and yep he is super aggro post flop as well as preflop, so I reraise again. He caps, and flips over 33. ARGH.

Next hand my AQ loses to 45s that called a 3 bet cold. Flopped my ace but he rivers his flush. So i'm down 15BBs in the space of my first two hands. Yuk.

Fortunately for me, the muppets stay at the table, and over the next three orbits I get all that back plus a bit more.

Current bankroll: $26,150
May time played: 4h
May hands played: 927
May profit / (loss): $350

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