Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Withdrawal time

I nice little hiccup for the Aussie dollar allowed me to make another withdrawal from the bankroll. Unfortunately the share portfolio is taking a huge hammering at the same time for the same reasons as the drop in the dollar.

Haven't had much time for poker, and still have the remnants of my cold, but still had a small, but solid win. When I logged in I couldn't see any tables worth playing on, apart from a couple with waiting lists four deep, so I added myself to those lists and waited. After about half an hour, another couple tables open up and I jump on them, as well as two others that I add myself to the waiting list of.

All of a sudden i've gone from playing no poker, to having four tables (which were also quite fishy) running, and i've got a couple waiting lists blinking at me that my seat is available.

I started slightly poorly on the tables with an early hand showing 65o in the big blind with one limper. Flop was 334, and he called my flop donk. Turn was another 4, and I bet again and he called. River was an 8. So my option was bet/fold and hope to bluff or check/fold giving myself no chance to win the pot. I elected to bluff, and he called me with T9s which had no draw and he was calling with T high. Seriously wtf?

Fortunately for me, fishy kept playing like that and paid me off again and again. I also made one somewhat hopeful calldown, when I had KTo and raised the one preflop limper. Flop was JJ9, which basically gave me a gutshot, and one over. The preflop limper I had down as having a huge AF and a very high WTSD so when he donked the flop I actually thought I could still be good with K high. Turn was a 6 which didn't help and river was a T, which meant the only way I was losing would be versus his J. He flipped over 96s and proceeded to go mental in the chat box.

Current bankroll: $26,850
May time played: 13.3h
May hands played: 3,513
May profit / (loss): $1,050

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