Monday, May 24, 2010

Small slide on the tables

Got smashed by a huge fish the other day for about 30BBs in the space of an hour. He played his 70%+ of hands raisng about 15% and then showed down 50% whilst still winning 50% of hands. He successfully chased several runner runners and it turned out to be quite a frustrating session.

Fast forward to the next session and I found my $8/16 numpty on a $3/6 table. This time he was raising and firing constantly, and I slid down another 20BBs which wasn't looking real good, but I was confident that if he kept bluffing and I kept showing down even half reasonable hands, eventually a few will hold up. The table dropped to three handed, but I could see him just bleeding off cash to the other guy whilst I was treading water. Finally I had several hands hold up in a row where I ended up just calling down with a fairly ordinary pair, and I had recovered almost all of my losses from both the current and previous session. I ended up having to leave when he still had $200 left, which was a little disappointing, but I was happy with the session overall.

I received my final Bodog reload bonus, and that put me back into the black overall for the last few days.

Current bankroll: $27,050
May time played: 17.2h
May hands played: 4,607
May profit / (loss): $1,250

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