Sunday, May 9, 2010

Downswing over?

Took a few months, but i've finally recovered my 500BBs, and am now showing a positive (albeit slight) return from the tables plus a chunk of rakeback on top of that. I was thinking there would be some feeling of relief that i'd attach to it, but to be honest, I don't really care all that much.
All I really want to know is that i'm making a profit, and even if I were still running at a loss on the tables, provided it was more than made up in rakeback, i'd still be happy. Maybe if I were only making one or two dollars per hour in rakeback then i'd be a little more disappointed, but at the moment i'm enjoying my poker and probably making around $30/hour all up. I'd probably still be happy making $10/hour (or possibly even less), as long as i'm still enjoying the game.
The last couple sessions i've actually lost a few BBs, but have made a profit as i've been losing say 10BBs at lower stakes which is more than offset by winning say 8BBs at stakes that are twice the size. Three hands in a single session where i'd hit the K high flush only to get rivered by a single card A high flush were the main culprits in losing a quite a few BBs at the lower stakes.
I also popped on to a $8/16 table briefly over the weekend and won a few BBs which made up for around 25BBs in losses at the $1/2 tables. The only problem with higher stakes appears to be that the fish don't seem to last long at all, and then the table breaks up. I think I played maybe three orbits tops, before the two fish on the table ran out of cash and left, and the other players then sat out.

Current bankroll: $26,300
May time played: 6.8h
May hands played: 1,920
May profit / (loss): $500

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