Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Be awake for the first hand

Had a disappointing first hand last night whilst I was still opening other tables.

I was in the big blind with T2s, which is generally a fold to a raise, so when I saw what I thought was a 3 bet, I folded. I wasn't really paying attention, and then realised that

a) it was only a single raise and
b) there were two limpers already in the pot.

Now basically I play any two suited if there is a raiser and two limpers, and there was nothing to suggest the original two limpers would limp reraise, so that should be a call for me.

Even more disappointing when the flop came down T2x followed by a T on the turn.

Probably a bit results orientated, but it can be quite annoying to fold what is a winning hand, when you'd normally play it. Of course 99 times out of a hundred that I do fold preflop and hit something I wouldn't really care, as its normally the right decision to make and i'm more or less following my starting hand chart. (varied slightly for opponent).

Current bankroll: $26,050
May time played: 3.1h
May hands played: 721
May profit / (loss): $250

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