Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chasing points

Just realised last night that I haven't qualified for my June Cake freeroll, so have to play a little more Cake in the next few days to make sure I earn enough points for a ticket.

I've also got to remind myself to do the June iron man on fulltilt to get my mid year ironman bonus. Don't think I have left much of a bankroll on fulltilt, but hopefully I can run hot early ....

Played a solid session last night which started badly when in my first hand it was limped by 4 players with me sitting on 84s in the big blind. I flopped the flush at K52 and donked and three bet the flop. Blank turn, but river paired the board with another K. Numb nuts flips over K5o for the boat. Couple hands later there are 3 limpers again and I'm looking at Q9s on the button so call to see me flop a flush draw. My draw hits on the river, and the cutoff bets, so I raise and then he calls, and flips over the nut flush with ATs. Seriously wtf. At least he didn't reraise when holding the nuts.

Thankfully those numpties paid me all that back and then more mainly when my 44 hit a set on the flop again with four callers and one raiser, before filling up my boat on the river with a couple Ks on the board. I have to keep my eye out for a bunch of those guys as they were basically willing to just throw their money away.

Current bankroll: $27,300
May time played: 19h
May hands played: 4,946
May profit / (loss): $1,500

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