Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May 2010 summary

Been an amazing month - mainly off the tables with the birth of my first child on the 31st.

Although the tables have treated me fairly well also running hot for almost the whole month, albeit playing only 20 hours.

Don't have time to do the usual monthly post as i'm pretty knackered.

I do have a goal or two for the next month, as Fulltilt have just offered me a $150 bonus, so i'd like to clear that, as well as qualify for ironman, which should be fairly easy with that bonus.

Might be an update to this post later .. or maybe not.

Current bankroll: $27,450
May time played: 19.8h
May hands played: 5,132
May profit / (loss): $1,650


L4Y SP said...

........as i'm pretty knackered . lololololololololol..........................OMG i know wot u mean.............MANY MANY CONGRATULATIONS buddy......................i'm gonna smoke a cigar to you all. best wishes,L4.

Starlight Coast said...

Hey there "Pops" Congrats!!! So, what is it, boy, girl? How about a name? And are we talking about the 2020 WSOP champ here? :)

parttimebonuschaser said...

cheers all .. a boy - Dylan

we'll have to see if poker runs in the blood :)

James R said...

First of all - and more importantly than any poker results - congratulations on the birth of your child. Wish your child all the health and happiness in the world. As for the poker... WOW! If my profit in any given month comes close to $500 I'm pretty ecstatic, let alone $1,650. Make sure it goes towards the college fund!!

TiocfaidhArLa said...

I'm a post behind and can see that parenthood is already affecting your game. Trust me ... hide and seek with Dylan will be way more rewarding. Congratulations!

parttimebonuschaser said...

hehe yeah mate, poker will never be a priority over him - tis still just a bit of fun for me - probably why i'm still actually interested in playing come to think of it