Monday, April 26, 2010

Year to date graph

Still digging my way out of my downswing from the start of the year, but i'm getting pretty close to seeing light at the end of the tunnel now. Hopefully I won't see a downswing that big again for a while .. touch wood. At the same time, i'm showing an okay profit for the year now, thanks to Rakeback / bonuses.

Can't say I played all that much over the weekend. I've started playing need for speed underground on the wii, and that seems to be taking up some of my spare time instead of playing poker. I'm sure its good to get a bit of a break every so often anyways, and then coming back to the tables fresh and keen to play.

I've also now turned on comment moderation for the blog, as i've been getting a few posters who have included malicious links in their comments which could infect other readers PCs if they're not careful. I'll still allow all reasonable comments though as I view any criticism as contructive in some way.

Current bankroll: $25,850
April time played: 22.3h
April hands played: 5,238
April profit / (loss): $1,150

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