Thursday, April 22, 2010

Purple lounge back up and running for me

Seems like a simple uninstall and reinstall fixed up my problems with the last update. Not sure why it didn't install successfully before, but at least it's running now.

Not that i've been able to find any tables on there that were fishy enough with the right available seats, so I haven't actually played a hand there again yet.

Played a little last night, with a maximum of four tables running split between Bodog, Cake and Pacific. I suspect that at first it would appear strange to have three different looking tables up at once, but i'm fairly used to it now. There just weren't enough fishy tables running on any individual site.

The fishiest table I jumped on was Pacific, where I proceeded to lose about 15BBs in pretty quick time. My Cake and Bodog tables weren't quite as good, however, both paid me off reasonably well thanks to a couple fish on Cake and one in particular on Bodog. One of which called most times preflop and would call down with bottom pair no kicker no matter what was on the board. Several times i'd cbet even with A high, and he'd call down with say J high. Obviously i've made a note to find him every time I possibly can in future, although I don't think he'll have much cash left.

The second fish was a super loose aggro player, who had me down early thanks to a backdoor flush when he raised T3s from the button versus my AT in the big blind. However, he was kind enough to keep firing most hands, on most streets, with virtually air to pay me off a good 20BBs in the end. Made a note on him as well.

Long weekend this weekend. Might get in a bit of poker with any luck as we're not too busy.

Current bankroll: $25,600
April time played: 21.1h
April hands played: 4,888
April profit / (loss): $900

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