Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time to rebalance some cash

Decided I had too much on a couple sites so it's time to move some cash around. Mostly probably back to neteller, as I think i've got enough on most of the smaller sites as well.

I like to have around 100BBs on any individual site as a minimum, and then if I get to much more than 300BB I will withdraw back down to 100BBs. I'm currently budgeting for playing up to $5/10 so that means leaving around $1k on any individual site. Having said that I may leave $1.5k on the sites I regularly play at, just in case.

I had lost a chunk on purple lounge, and was down to my last $300 on there, but instead of depositing more to bring it back up, I will set myself a challenge to build it up again from there (hopefully without losing it). It might not be the best use of my overall bankroll to make the most profits, but I will enjoy the challenge and it gives me another thing to keep me interested and keen on poker. Not that I really play much on Purple Lounge so it might be a slow process.

On the tables the last couple days, the sessions started okay, up around $100, including a small win on a $5/10 table where I didn't play a single hand for the first 20 hands, before winning a 15BB pot with only top pair.

I then found a $3/6 table with a huge fish to my right, as well as a couple to my left. After not winning a single showdown for 75 hands, it made for a fairly poor result at the end of the day. At least i've found a new fish to look for next time though.

Current bankroll: $25,750
April time played: 24.3h
April hands played: 5,602
April profit / (loss): $1,050

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