Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New microgaming update = crash

Couldn't find enough tables last night on my main sites, so ended up opening Microgaming in the search for the fish. That automatically updated their software, and when attempting to load, crashed at the loading graphics stage. It now continues to crash there every time.

A quick email to purple lounge support got an amazingly unhelpful response of, does your PC meet the minimum requirements. Given i'd told them what my PC specs are, and the software had been running fine before this was unsurprisingly unhelpful.

I figure i'll try deleting it and reinstalling tonight. Hopefully that will fix it.

I ended up playing on a couple fishy $3/6 tables last night for a while though. And boy was that painful. I found possibly the biggest fish i've ever seen in my life. He simply called. And called. And called some more. Whether he had the stone cold nuts, or was holding 3 high, he called every hand to the river. Of course in several 20BB pots he binked the runner runner nuts to my second nuts or some such equivalent, before donating it all to someone else.

Ended up not helping the bankroll at all. I wish he'd stayed longer, and i'm sure I would have more than recovered. All up, I think I had about four $100+ pots where I got rivered, and since it only takes one or two of those to turn a losing session into a winning session - let alone winning all four from time to time.

Current bankroll: $25,100
April time played: 15.3h
April hands played: 3,531
April profit / (loss): $400


donnie said...

i had a couple issues on my mac recently. i find the tech support for this kinda websites unprofessional and poor.

Danny said...

don't you love it when the likes of purple blame you for their update issues!