Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Weekend freeroll fail

Got up for the Cake freeroll on the weekend. That's now 4.30am Sunday morning for me until daylight savings comes around again. If I didn't happen to wake up just before it, i'd have missed it, like I did with the Fulltilt freeroll the week before which starts at the same time.

So, after getting up insanely early, I sat down at the table, which had two sit outs, quite a few tight players and two loose fish. I then played for over an hour, but only got to see one flop.

Each orbit I basically was able to grab the blinds, plus a little bit more, and no one called my 3x preflop raises. This went on for basically the whole first hour, except one time when I was in the small blind with junk, and he shoved so I had to fold.

Eventually the blinds have increased by that much that i've only got 9BBs left and shove from the SB with J9o only to get called by one of the table fish in the big blind, who flips over KJs. And that was it for the tournament - at least I saw one flop. Glad I got up at 4.30am for that .......

Current bankroll: $25,350
April time played: 19.2h
April hands played: 4,373
April profit / (loss): $650

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