Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sad day

Just got an email from Bodog - they are discontinuing their monthly reload bonus. Disappointing to say the least, as I probably put in nearly 50% of my monthly volume on Bodog.

All is not lost, as they are going to replace it with something ... but it really depends on what that something is. Hopefully we will find out soon, and it will still be worth my time playing there.

I've got one more month's worth of reload to go, so between Bodog and Cake, that is where the bulk of my play will be.

I've got more bonus pending in Cake than I can possibly clear by the expiry date in July, due to receiving a couple reloads in the space of a week. Doesn't matter too much though, as it clears $10 at a time, so i'll just keep plodding along.

Current bankroll: $25,450
April time played: 20.2h
April hands played: 4,640
April profit / (loss): $750

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