Sunday, April 4, 2010


Better late than never - was hoping to hit $25,000 back in December, but my 500BB downswing over the next couple months destroyed that idea. Feels good to hit the milestone though, and I guess a bit of a vindication that with patience, i'll eventually be able to recover any losses.

Still a fair way into that downswing now, having recovered a little over 250BBs, but rakeback and bonuses have made up for the rest of those losses, and added a little profit on top.

I've actually played a few hours over the Easter weekend, but it looks like everyone's on holiday, as there aren't all that many tables running whenever i'm on. Each session seems to have started with a loss before ending a few dollars up, and i've bounced off the $25k mark a couple times already. Hopefully here to stay now - particularly if I can keep running a little on the hot side.

I've only really had one bad session so far this month, where I ended up heads up with an aggro muppet who just kept hitting everything - I was particularly aggrieved with his 45o on a board of AT7r when i'm holding KT and he c/rs the flop, raises the 4 turn, and then bets the river 5 when he spikes his runner runner two pair ... f me. That was at my bogey stakes level of $2/4. All other stakes from $1/2 to $5/10 are currently in the green for the month, although at such a small volume they could easily turn around.

Current bankroll: $25,000
April time played: 5h
April hands played: 984
April profit / (loss): $300

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