Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Still cool

I'm playing enough for Fulltilt ironman gold status, but still running cooler than i'd like.

Getting hammered at $2/4 and $3/6 where i'm just not winning enough showdowns, or in particular the big pots.

It only takes one or two big pots to make a massive difference to your overall win rate. Say for example you're running at -1BB/100 over 2,000 hands. The very next hand you win a 25BB pot when you river your draw multiway. Suddenly you are a 0.25BB/100 winner.

On the plus side, i'm actually finding some pretty big fish on fulltilt - enough to have at least 3 or 4 tables running most of the time. Unfortunately, they're the one's who've been rivering me, and then donating my cash to everyone else at the table. Hopefully a few hands will hold up soon, or it will be my turn to hit some draws.

Current bankroll: $27,000
June time played: 29.5h
June hands played: 7,098
June profit / (loss): ($450)

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