Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Surprisingly getting in a fair few hands at the moment. I'm on track for my mid year iron man bonus with fulltilt and just debating whether to hit silver or gold for the month.

Often enough, the Mrs and baby are asleep during the day between feeds which gives me time to hit the poker tables. Still in the red for the month but slowly crawling back up. A bit of rakeback should put me back to at least square shortly.

Given I was running at -10BB/100 for the first couple thousand hands, i've brought it back to -1.28 fairly quickly.

Found a juicy $4/8 table earlier but only got to play 24 hands before it broke up. Didn't win a single hand so that was a 15BB loss. Then I found a nice $8/16 table with position on a couple fairly large fish, and made about 7BBs before my fish left and I got up. All in all even, but it would have been nice to have hit a draw or two on the $4/8 table earlier on some very large pots.

Current bankroll: $27,350
June time played: 14h
June hands played: 3,819
June profit / (loss): ($100)


TiocfaidhArLa said...

Not even mid-way through the month I have no doubts that the skyward straight line will continue this month too.

A quick question, please ... you often talk about finding a juicy table. Can you explain how you know, especially within 24 hands?

Are they known fish from you having played with them before in HEM or PT3, do you use Table Ninja, PTR etc? And is it simply high VPIP / low PFR/AF that you're going by?

Just curious because my biggest leak is probably that I never ever table select. I rationalise it as training at altitude (even in the Live arena occassionally) but the truth of the matter is that I'd be happier as a winner than a breakeven player after all of these years. Thanks in advance.

parttimebonuschaser said...

For me a juicy table has two complete muppets on my right. Say 55/20 or more preferably more passive, and any looser is even better. The last few days i've found a couple guys who were literally at 100% vpip.

I also like the overaggro guys who show down way too much (say 60/40 with a wtsd 50%+)as they tend to be fairly profitable as well.

Yes - they are known fish from PT3, and if i'm on fulltilt i colour code them so I can spot them in the lobby easily, as well as on the table. (i also colour code the sharks red to avoid them).

Same colour coding on cake, but other sites i put their stats as notes - but mainly just vpip/pfr and only AF / WTSD or another stat if it is unusually bad and exploitable.