Friday, June 4, 2010

Cool start to June

Getting smashed on the $2/4 tables to the tune of 10BB/100 for the first 1k hands of the month. Funny thing is i'm getting way more than my fair share of premium hands, but they are getting slaughtered consistently by mostly trash, but in fairness i've also been running into sets, and had my sets cracked by boats and runner runner flushes.

i'm going to have to deposit some more cash onto fulltilt to have a playable bankroll to clear my bonus, which is my first deposit for a very long time that hasn't been for a reload bonus. Oh well.

Everything else going well, as poker isn't the main focus at the moment with Dylan coming home yesterday.

Current bankroll: $27,100
May time played: 5.6h
May hands played: 1,721
May profit / (loss): ($350)

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