Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 2010 summary

Hmm what can I say. Ended up being my worst month on the tables ever results wise. Could have been even worse except I picked up a couple hundred in my Cake affiliate freeroll.

The last few sessions ended the month just as they began, with my final session on the $5/10 tables including a hand capped preflop with my JJ v TT v AK. Flop JT4r which gets capped. Turn obviously has to be a Q which makes me feel a little sick, followed by a blank river and I lose a 25BB pot.

Actually played a ton of hours - over triple my usual monthly amount, but given I was always on call for bubs, I only played one or two tables at a time, so my volume wasn't really all that much more than normal.

Overall a loss of 350BBs which equated to $900ish after bonuses and rakeback of a good $700.

I qualified for gold level on fulltilt ironman as well - although i've now decided that ironman doesn't really suit me. Being forced into playing almost every day is not something i'm looking for from Poker. I'd rather just play when I feel like it. Basically as soon as I qualified, I haven't been on the tables since which has been the better part of a week.

The LOSS of $900 for the month was made up of:

Bonuses / VIP / Rakeback: $ 600

• Bodog $100
• Cake $100
• Fulltilt $400

Poker bankroll Interest: $100

Poker losses: ($1,600) - ouch

Goals for July are:

• Clear a chunk more of the Cake reload
• Play my Fulltilt and Cake freerolls
• Make a profit

Current bankroll: $26,550
June time played: 85h
June hands played: 8,635
June profit / (loss): ($900)

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The blindman said...

Multiply that by eight, and it's roughly where I am at. :-/