Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Goals

I think i'll keep my goals for this year pretty simple -
  1. Be disciplined - only play on semi-loose to very loose tables with position on a fish
  2. Continue to make a profit - let's aim for $10k for the year
  3. Maximise my return through rakeback / bonuses
  4. Continue to read forums / blogs - both for strategy and entertainment
  5. Maintain my interest in the game
  6. Stop using the chat box!! (my one lack of discipline which must be improved)

#1 is probably by far the most important - if you get your discipline right with all facets of your game - table selection, bankroll management, tilt then you're maximising your chances of being a successful player.

#2 I wont be too concerned if I miss this goal, but will be disappointed if I don't get at least halfway there. I am moving house shortly which is going to cut my play by a bit, but the one thing that is going to take a lot of my time away is my first baby is due at the end of May. I suspect this will significantly reduce my play on the tables ... It might help with goal #5 though if i'm playing less then the passion for the game is likely to remain high.

I think that's really about it. I'm not too fussed if I move up levels this year or not (although I will hit $5/10 tables when they are fishy), and I am probably still too lazy to learn NL properly.

I only really play a handful of freeroll tournies or points qualified SNGs so there's not much point in setting any specific goals there either.

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