Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fulltilt lagging

Seems like a bit of a flurry of fulltilt posts from me lately.

Last night was a horrible experience. Tables were lagging and sitting me out, although luckily it only started when I was about 10 points short of my 100 points for the day. It also didn't appear to cost me much as I didn't actually lag out on any hands that I wanted to bet or raise with. Very concerning nonetheless. I had a look on 2p2, but there didn't seem to be anyone reporting the same issue.

I'm hoping its all working fine for tonight otherwise I might have to ditch the idea of clearing my bonus and qualifying for ironman completely.

Just in case it's pokertracker related i've set all my database maintenance running. Will try it withouth pokertracker if my problems continue. Obviously though, timing out makes it unplayable.

I still ended up with a small profit for the session so can't complain too much as it could easily have turned out much worse if the lag had cost me a large pot or two.

Fulltilt bonus cleared: $225
Fulltilt bonus remaining: $75
Days left: 12

Current bankroll: $22,750
December time played: 9h
December profit / (loss): $400

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