Sunday, February 24, 2008

table and seat selection

I can't stress how critical table selection is. I occasionally get lazy and don't table select or seat select very well, and inevitably it costs me some of my bankroll, or I dont make as much as I should.

My current rules for table and seat selection for 6max limit poker are:

  • VPIP over 40% (and preferably higher!)
  • Loose / passive to my right, and preferably 2nd to my right as well (better to be able to check the big blind rather than fold to a raise)
  • Tight player to my left and possibly 2nd to my left (I like to steal blinds!)

That's really about it ... although if there is a maniac on the table, I dont mind them on my immediate right. Sure i will fold a bunch, but when i do get a hand, he/she will pay :)

So, how is the poker going now? Well, I haven't really been playing too much, but maybe put in a couple hours. Had a decent run, with both luck going for and against me, and have made a few more dollars. Can't remember too many hands of note, as most have played fairly straight forward. The last hand I can remember was pocket 7s on the big blind, where I got raised. Flop 7d8dQs and I check raised. He checked, I raised a blank turn. River was an A which I still bet and got raised, so I reraised, and he flips over AQ.

I had someone else 4 bet me pre flop when they were in a steal position and I had the button with A9s (yes i knew he was an over aggressive stealer). He showed down with KTs unimproved!!

Current bankroll: $4,099

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