Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poker books and reading

I am the kind of person that likes to have a pretty good idea of what i'm doing before I jump in (as well as learn to improve as I go). So in order to do that I have purchased a few poker books and also regularly read websites/forums.

In the beginning I got bored quite quickly with full ring games, so I quickly narrowed down my game choice to 6max limit poker. (I really should look at no limit at some stage, but am doing okay with limit for now)

To work out what I should be doing, I purchased Stoxtrader's book, winning in tough holdem games and Limit Hold'em: Winning Short-handed Strategies by Terry Borer. Admittedly I do make a few adjustments because I play in softer games, but i'd highly recommend the book.

I also regularly go to the twoplustwo forums, in the bonus sections and shorthanded sections, which often provide useful pointers or reinforce particular strategies.

Now, onto yesterdays play. Probably played a little over an hour 2 tabling cake poker for a while, and then 2 tabling sunpoker for a while when the cake tables disappeared. At the same time i played a couple double up crypto SnGs. Managed to make about a $70 profit, including doubling up on both the SnGs.

Couple hands of note. One in the cash game where I made a pretty big mistake on the river. I had AK and was the aggressor, and on the flop QTs had hit, I continued to bet, and actually hit the J on the river, however that was also same suited, hitting the possible flush draw of the one caller. Out of position I bet the river before thinking that I am an idiot and should have just checked as its unlikely a worse hand will call, and a better hand would 3 bet. If I had checked it could also have induced a bluff ... end result was my opponent folded to my bet, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

One hand in the double ups I had a stack of about 2,500 chips, and UTG (v loose) had a stack of about 1,000. UTG limped in, couple other limpers and i was in the big blind with 94o and checked. flop was 947 rainbow, so I lead out with a pot bet of around 100. UTG called, rest folded. Turn was a K, and I pot bet for 200, which was raised for another 200 by UTG. I called. River was a Q, and I thought I may be in trouble but could still be in front. UTG pushed all in for the remainder of his stack. I decided to call having some faith in my read I suppose, and he flipped over AA. That gave me enough chips to basically fold for the win. I guess he shouldn't have slow played his bullets :)

Current bankroll (profit): $3,870

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