Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I've been an online poker player since July 2007. Yeah i'm a noob, I know, but everyone starts somewhere.

I basically play short handed (6max) limit poker, and try to grind out decent bonuses/rakeback mainly through cash games, although i've recently started playing a few SNGs just for fun.

I started with a bankroll of $600 on fulltilt with 27% rakeback, and initially cleared the $600 bonus to get me started playing mainly on the .25/.50 and occasionally the .5/$1 limit tables . I currently have a profit of around $3,800 and play mainly $1/$2 and am now occasionally taking shots at $2/$4.

Okay I figured i'd start a blog as a bit of a reference point for the future, as well as to indicate my current thoughts, and hopefully people can make suggestions on where to play next, or what are the best bonuses!! I'm only a grinder so I can't see anything too exciting happening, but I am hoping for a (somewhat) steady increase in funds :)

Current bankroll (profit): $3,800

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